commercial and residential property maintenance

Carmel Landscapes is pleased to provide exceptional maintenance services to its customers. You can only expect professional results from a company so dedicated to servicing properties with morals and values derived from its name Carmel or fruitful field. We guarantee our work, you wont be anything less that thrilled. Carmel Landscapes provides a large array of property maintenance allowing us to fully service your lawn and landscape without subbing our work or you calling multiple companies for various tasks.

some of our weekly, monthly and seasonal services include

Please contact us at 440 321 9846 to discuss all your Maintenance needs.
Carmel FAQs
  • 1.Low Impact

    Did you know that Carmel Landscapes uses low impact equipment on lawns and beds? Resulting in little or no impact of your existing landscape.
  • 2.The Sharper image

    Carmel Landscapes requires that all cutting blades be sharpened prior to the work day resulting in cleaner cuts and encouraging healthier more robust plants.
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