Do more outside with outdoor living spaces designed and installed by Carmel

Paver and stone walkways

Amazing and functional

Create an inviting entrance using our unilock pavers and natural stone walkways. Create a safe and scenic approach to your door step or business or where ever you need to go. More ->
Retaining walls

forget messy slopes and unsafe landscapes

More often than not landscapes need retaing walls to reduce soil movement and create a safe outdoor or business recreation space. More ->
Outdoor Lighting

Make a statement in the dark.

Landscape lighting is more than just a great way to show off your home in the dark. It creates a safer living area for both you and your pets by illuminating dark walkways and entrances. More ->
Outdoor living spaces

You have a yard, why not use it like it was intended

Turn unused or unusable spaces in your landscape into beautiful sustainable areas of interest More ->
Columns and entrances

add that final touch to your castle

Entrance columns and landscaped driveways are a great way to show off your hardwork and create a inviting entrance or help securing your property. More ->

budget with payments

Carmel offers payment options and financing to help budget and create a more affordable outdoor living space. More ->