give your lawn the big league look

Lawn service has never been so convenient when choosing Carmel Landscapes. We take even the most basic tasks very seriously. Our equipment is chosen for its low impact on the environment; our cutting blades are filed daily and sharpened weekly ensuring a clean cut reducing the pulling effects of modern mowers resulting in greener healthier grass. Even our tire pressures are monitored and decks checks for plumness guaranteeing a beautiful even cut. Our Lawn mowers are equipped with proprietary striping kits allowing your lawn to take advantage of the big league look shown on most professional baseball fields. Lawns cut by Carmel are not one height cuts all and are set according to the type of grass and conditions it will encounter. We will also fluctuate the direction of mowing from week to week; reducing the turfing and rutting effects seen in lawns that are cut in one constant direction, this method also promotes a smooth even lawn. Trimming and lawn edging are included in all lawn cutting services guaranteeing a finished product that is "completely" finished.


All quotes are free and personalized to your landscape, our prices are competitively based off of fair market value and the quality of the work being preformed, cheaper is usually not cheaper, for the bitterness of a poor job remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price. We value your interest in Carmel Landscapes and again want to thankyou for your time.

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