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Carmel Landscapes queries data for sunlight, rainfall, drainage, and grade in order to ensure proper materials are used and a successful lawn is established. Once a custom mixture of seed or sod is selected we will install topsoil/humus and grade the property encouraging proper drainage and correcting any previous issues. Seed is then laid with broadcast spreaders raked and repeated. Sod is cut, delivered, checked for health, and installed in one 24 hour period. Once the seed/sod is down a mixture of starter fertilizer/lime and pre-emergent is laid with broadcast spreaders. Pre-emergents are used to reduce the risk of unwanted weed seeds in a newly seeded/soded lawn, starter fertilizers and limes are used to encourage faster growing rates. Seedless straw or peat moss are then installed on seed beds promoting water retention. Carmel Landscapes will then install a temporary easy to use irrigation system backing the work performed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


All quotes are free and personalized to your landscape, our prices are competitively based off of fair market value and the quality of the work being preformed, cheaper is usually not cheaper, for the bitterness of a poor job remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price. We value your interest in Carmel Landscapes and again want to thankyou for your time.

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