Topiary is a art form not a swordfight

The Pruning of trees and bushes should not be taken lightly and when done incorrectly it will inhibit and kill the plant. Carmel Landscapes takes care and uses its expertise in the pruning of all plant life, special care and attention will be used in the trimming of all plants. Carmel Landscapes assures that all tools uses in the process of cutting and manipulating the growth of a plant are sharpened before and during the pruning process to create a disease resistant cut We follow ANSI 300 standards. All dead or damaged wood will be removed from the plant to ensure all nutrients are being used in the process of sustaining what is still alive. All live cuts will be made just after a termination to aid thicker new growth, any foliage or wood deemed harmful to the health of the plant will be removed entirely in a way that hinders new harmful growth to reoccur. Shrubs and trees with poor health will be diagnosed and remedies will be provided and executed.


All quotes are free and personalized to your landscape, our prices are competitively based off of fair market value and the quality of the work being preformed, cheaper is usually not cheaper, for the bitterness of a poor job remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price. We value your interest in Carmel Landscapes and again want to thankyou for your time.

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