Professional landscape contractors
Certified Landscape Professionals providing beautiful sustainable landscapes you can grow with.


Certified Landscape Professionals providing beautiful sustainable landscapes you can grow with. mulch and horticulture services

A Native Commitment

Our staff is committed to serving the Chagrin Valley and Northeast Ohio to its best interest in Native plantings, responsible watershed health, and the overall sustainability of our client’s landscape wellbeing, Carmel has pledged to many local municipalities on responsible watershed practices and employs staff certified in the design and implementation of both commercial and residential Rain Gardens. In fact, we are one of just a handful of companies that hold this Certification. It doesn’t stop there either, we value our talented employees and invest in them regularly with constant training and leadership events that drive them to be as best as they can be today and tomorrow. Carmel follows ANSI standards in every service we offer from aggressive annual planting and pruning to cultural practices in weeding and overall landscape health.

Horticulture And Landscape Services

Every property and landscape have their own challenges and unique advantages. Using our expertise can expound on those traits to create a beautiful sustainable property you will spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining. We will simplify even the most mundane tasks of weeding for a client relationship that results in fewer phone calls to us for trivial but necessary work using a maximum bid pricing subscription based service tailored to your individual expectations and budget following our proven methods of scheduled maintenance for the season, leaving our customers satisfied and worry free knowing that we are on the job at the right time to cater to your individual needs.

Give Your Lawn the Big League Look

Lawn service has never been so convenient when choosing Carmel Landscapes. We take even the most basic tasks very seriously. Our equipment is chosen for its low impact on the environment; our cutting blades are filed daily and sharpened weekly ensuring a clean cut reducing the pulling effects of modern mowers resulting in greener healthier grass. Even our tire pressures are monitored and decks checks for plumness guaranteeing a beautiful even cut. Our Lawn mowers are equipped with proprietary striping kits allowing your lawn to take advantage of the big league look shown on most professional baseball fields. Lawns cut by Carmel are not one height cuts all and are set according to the type of grass and conditions it will encounter. We will also fluctuate the direction of mowing from week to week; reducing the turfing and rutting effects seen in lawns that are cut in one constant direction, this method also promotes a smooth even lawn. Trimming and lawn edging are included in all lawn cutting services guaranteeing a finished product that is "completely" finished.

Topiary is an Artform, Not a Swordfight

The Pruning of trees and bushes should not be taken lightly and when done incorrectly it will inhibit and kill the plant. Carmel Landscapes takes care and uses its expertise in the pruning of all plant life, special care and attention will be used in the trimming of all plants. Carmel Landscapes assures that all tools uses in the process of cutting and manipulating the growth of a plant are sharpened before and during the pruning process to create a disease resistant cut We follow ANSI 300 standards. All dead or damaged wood will be removed from the plant to ensure all nutrients are being used in the process of sustaining what is still alive. All live cuts will be made just after a termination to aid thicker new growth, any foliage or wood deemed harmful to the health of the plant will be removed entirely in a way that hinders new harmful growth to reoccur. Shrubs and trees with poor health will be diagnosed and remedies will be provided and executed.

Year Round Cleanliness

Year-round care for your landscape. Just because everything looks dead doesn’t mean it is nor should it look dead, Here at Carmel Our talented Staff understand the need for year round care and winter interest in the Snowbelt. Just because the weather turns sour doesn’t mean you should wait for next year, Plant Dormancy is a fine time to correct potential issues and increase plant health